Becoming a Working at Home (Wo-ho) Guru Getting through those Homestuck Days

Crisis what crisis

Here’s a Baker’s Dozen Wo-ho Pies – Brain Food for Telecommuters

  1. No wasted commute time…but are you wasting time de-energising on COVID news?
  2. Many different thinking environments – inspiration and ideation are facilitated by environment, so set up in different rooms or balcony or garden
  3. Time to read more than the summary – perhaps take time to contact the author, delve deeper
  4. Time to work through Big Decisions – as well as small and personal decisions
  5. Reflection time – This is different to thinking or deciding ….it is thinking about thinking, about the process ….What is working what is not….and how to do it better?
  6. Mindfulness time – Use meditation or mindfulness to train your mind for greater focus, presenteeism and inner balance
  7. Eisenhower Matrix Field 3 – Carve out time for the non-urgent but important tasks…. like learning a new skill, language, musical instrument, recipe…….
  8. When? – Planning your time and activities into the near future (for achievement) and deep future (for hope)
  9. Create Meaning – Find your purpose….then achieve goals relating to purpose this is known to create long-term happiness
  10. Creating Belonging – Try telling and sharing stories by phone, online, wherever….
  11. Health – Now you can’t say you don’t have time for a longer lunch …..and smaller dinner
  12. Setting Boundaries – If ever there was a time and need to set your work vs home and self vs family, it is during Wo-ho lockdown
  13. Energy management – Reassess your needs: diet, sleep, exercise, breaks, fun, inspiration, nature.