Change is good…You go first


Groups move forward only when one of the participants dares to take the first step.

Leaders should be prepared to move forward and be first to make mistakes. If they need comfort and guidance they should consider engaging a professional coach or mentor.

  • 87% mentors and mentees feel empowered by mentoring
  • 82% believe helps foster meaningful connections across the organisation
  • Mentoring dramatically improved promotion and retention rates for minorities and women — 15% to 38% [Forbes]

Mentors were promoted six times more often and mentees were promoted five times more [Wharton program).

When employees feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions or challenging the status quo without fear of social consequences, organisations are more likely to:

  • innovate quickly
  • unlock the benefits of diversity
  • adapt well to change

As soon as you have a coach you have a team (you and the coach) and you double your potential effectiveness and take your confidence and drive to the next level.

Stress makes us stupid, leads to more mistakes. If have good energy, you will feel less stressed.