Guest Speaker

Dr Patricia Durance
Dr Patricia Durance
Chief Geologist
SensOre Limited
Patricia is Chief Geologist at SensOre Limited, a company focussing on optimising discovery and enhancing exploration performance through deployment of big data, AI & ML technologies and geoscience expertise.
Dr Mark Lindsay
Dr Mark Lindsay
The University of Western Australia
Mark is a geoscientist whose research interests include understanding the complexities of uncertainty in 2/3D geoscientific modelling throughout the various scales and phases of mining and exploration.
Steve Beresford
Dr Steve Beresford
The University of Western Australia
Steve’s current passion is looking for supergiant deposits formed by interaction with salt. He has worked in Ni, sediment-hosted Cu, VHMS, channel Fe, diamonds, pegmatite Li, porphyry Cu and HREE exploration.
Nick Hayward
Dr Nick Hayward
Director, Principal Consultant
PredictOre Pty Limited
Dr Nick Hayward is a consulting geoscientist in strategic area selection, project generation, targeting and evaluations for world class base- and precious metal ore discoveries through applied mineral systems.