“The Five Answers” to the right Questions


Here’s a Baker’s Dozen Wo-ho Pies – Brain Food for Telecommuters

The Five Answers are the peer and expert reviewed five key factors that most facilitate ore discovery success. They are termed the Five Answers as they answer the fundamental difference between Discovery and Exploration. As such they are answers to different questions than the Five Questions from the pmd*CRC (2008). They may be considered by some as disruptive ideas, however they will likely drive change the way exploration is conducted in Australia and globally.

  • Culture
  • Paradigm Shift: New Eyes and New Frontiers
  • Systems and Mineralising Systems understanding
  • Access to Ground, Data
  • Access to Dollar$

1. Culture – The Norms of the System

  • Belief in and use of science
  • Trust
  • Candour
  • Flearning loops (leaning from failure)
  • Group memories
  • Make serendipity (luck can be taught and nurtured)
  • Curiosity
  • Urgency
  • Minimum bureaucracy
  • Skin in game – and act like it’s your money being spent
  • Innovation – open innovation
  • Giving up control

2. Paradigm Shift – New Eyes or Frontier

  • New shared idea, deepest set of beliefs
  • New way of seeing e.g. aeromagnetics post WW2
  • New way of organising thinking e.g. stock and flow maps
  • New “search space”
  • New pre-competitive data
  • New effective detective technique e.g. low level Au
  • “One funeral at a time” dogma takes time to die
  • Enlightenment e.g. Plate Tectonics

3. Systems Understanding

  • Systems Theory
  • Systems Thinking
  • Mineralising ore geosystems
  • Non-linear dynamical systems
  • Non-linear mathematics
  • Oscillations and attractors
  • System levers
  • Complexity to simplicity
  • Universe is Fractal

4. Access to Ground (and Data)

  • “Unlock the Gate”
  • Remove red, green and other tape
  • Open up privileged access and retention  permits
  • Tributing permits?
  • Government to facilitate (or no rent?)

5. Access to Dollar$

  • Mark Bennett “The geology is the easy bit”
  • Investors focus on quantity, not quality
    (i.e. >20 targets = good)
  • Commodity prices affect ability to secure capital
  • Investor risk aversion and impatience
     (yet no risk, no persistence, no discovery!)
  • Investors see ‘costs’ & ‘returns’ in very narrow
    economic terms
  • Investors think in ‘location neutral’ terms