Tock iPrepare for 2024 – think of your people first


There have been many studies, published by McKinsey and HBR that shine a light on changes in employee and leaders’ expectations and needs in the new post COVID working environment.

However, some of these employee needs were acute even before 2019. Employees said they often felt insufficiently stimulated and supported at work. Fast forward to 2023 and the levels of disengagement in some organisations are bordering on alarming. Combine this with the global skills shortages in many industries and you have a perfect storm – in 2024 your best employees may be lost to you….even if they are still at their desk collecting large salaries.

So, what can you do about this, especially as a middle or senior manager you already feel you have no time to spare on change initiatives or deep employee support?

For so many reasons these days boosting psychological safety at work is a great place to start. Your employees need to feel they are listened too and that you trust them….even when they are working from home. They need to know that they can expect support not only from managers but also their peers and co-workers. The “speed of trust” works both ways.  If workers distrust managers the “white ant” has set in and may result in complete collapse. On the other hand, if you model trust and build it into the culture of the way you operate both internally, with your customers and with stakeholders then trust can build up rapidly.

We hear these days that companies no longer provide careers, and younger generations should expect to have many jobs and several careers in their work lives. The counter point to this dogma is for you to make carving out avenues for career development a unique selling point to attract the best talent! No one asked Gen Y and Z whether they wanted careers and help with career development….. so go ask them what they want, and trust the answers they give.

A McKinsey survey of over 15,000 workers found that after salary compensation, meaningful work, career development, support and flexibility ranked highest in reasons why people planned to stay in their jobs.

Organizations are only as good as their people. At Thinker Events and Geowisdom we work to help leaders, middle managers, and frontline employees thrive through one-on-one and team-based mentoring and coaching.

As you prepare for the New Year and start to plan and budget for your teams in 2024, please consider your peoples’ desire to deliver their best…….and to stick around to keep growing and delivering. Your people are your key asset, don’t let their value depreciate. In 2024 be proactive, empathetic, generous and above all listen to others’ ideas and needs.

Give the gift of tailored mentoring, networking and coaching support

Happy New Year!