Working with a coach has long been regarded as essential for those wanting to perform at the highest levels in sport. In today’s dynamic world, coaching is widely accepted as offering similar benefits for the business community.

Coaching has been demonstrated to have significant impact on productivity and the bottom line. A study of Fortune 500 companies conducted by Manchester Inc. in the United States found that companies that provided coaching realised an average rate of return on their investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching. The Manchester Inc. study also showed that as a direct result of coaching companies achieved improvements in productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value. Individuals also recognised the personal benefits and rewards of the coaching, and this was reflected in greater retention of employees who had been coached.

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.


In Australia many of the top ASX 100 listed companies are offering some form of coaching and mentoring to their staff. The majority of these organisations identifying coaching of staff as integral to achieving success.

Internationally, groups like British Petroleum estimate that 90% of their business knowledge resides in their employees, and that they need to keep their teams operating efficiently to keep that intellectual capital working for them. Peak performance at the corporate level comes from a high level of investment in an organisation’s most valuable asset, its people.

Our team help progressive organisations build, coach and align their cross-functional teams to deliver exceptional outcomes. This is achieved through navigating critical paths through innovation milestones to deliver bottom line results.

When companies and individuals commit to performance excellence, coaching can help them achieve extraordinary results. The Th?nkercafé team are passionately committed to helping clients achieve their full potential. In consultation with clients, we have developed a number of motivational and powerfully effective workshop and coaching programs to address their needs.

Thinking Partnerships

Unlike most training companies who only provide one-off workshops we believe strongly in the value of practical workshops followed up with face-to-face coaching or telephone coaching to reinforce the learning and deliver the outcomes.

Power Coaching

Coaching is for motivated individuals aspiring to develop Advanced Thinking Skills to successfully cope with the high demands of modern business. It comprises a minimum of nine face-to-face sessions scheduled at monthly, then bimonthly intervals over a 12 month period. Phone sessions are scheduled between each face-to-face session, plus you have access to your coach through “on-call” telephone coaching. Training aids, reading materials and assessments as required are included in the program. At the end of this program we guarantee our coaching relationship will have made a measurable and positive difference or your money back.

Fast Track Phone Coaching

Fast track phone coaching is for busy clients who want access to a consultant coach to help them through immediate change and innovation issues. The schedule comprises an initial extended consultation, followed weekly 30 minute phone sessions. Phone calls are supplemented by relevant reading material which is delivered by e-mail. Initial sessions will be conducted face-to-face whenever the coach can meet in the same city as the client.

Change comes more from managing the journey than from announcing the destination.

William Bridges

Mentoring Skills

Our Mentoring Skills program is designed to transfer the practical skills and techniques of in-house coaching and mentoring to managers and team leaders who exhibit the talent and motivation to build, inspire and lead winning teams. This course is normally conducted as a one day workshop but is also available to small groups and one-on-one. In the program you will learn the key attributes and skills of being a successful workplace coach and mentor, and be shown techniques to develop other mentors in your organisation.

The changes that matter most… are the ones that create the habits of a lifetime. Change is a matter of ‘mind over body’.

Dan Baker